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No special orders will be taken after December 7, 2017. Special ordering will resume on January 1, 2018.

About Us

Rodney and Charli Caraway are native Texans. They have four teenagers and 2 dogs who act like their teenagers! The Caraways purchased the Living Stones company because they believe in its foundation–the Word of God. For 13 years, the Caraways have served in ministry and believe that Living Stones is an extension of that passion to serve.

Since its beginning, Living Stones has had a history of making the finest engraved stones in the market place and that tradition continues! The primary focus will always be the Word of God and encouraging thoughts grounded in Biblical concept. The message of the Bible, etched in stone, has a distinctive visual impact that helps to “engrave” each verse into the hearts of customers and gift recipients all over the country! Living Stones also celebrates special occasions with customers through personalized gifts for weddings, births, memorials, retirements, schools and other special occasions.